Donutan Black (ryzhaya_tapka) wrote,
Donutan Black

Once upon a time in wonderland

To tell you the truth I almost completely lost my interest over 'Once upon a time', but I fell in love with the 'Once upon a time in wonderland'.
I have already forgot how good can be plot twists in 'Once upon a time' and there it is - twisted, exiting and powerful. Makes you unable to stop watching till the very bright morning. Also the chemistry between main characters is just crazy. You start feeling love, pain and struggle of two characters almost as soon as they start interacting.
So I highly encourage you to give 'Once upon a time in wonderland' a try, especially if you used to like the first season of 'Once upon a time' as much as I did.

Funny facts:
Alice mimics for some reason remind me of Keira Knightley's mimics. Really. A lot actually. But for me it is a good thing, because I loved the way Keira can smile.
The Alice's love interest reminds me someone a lot, but I can't get who it is. The last idea I come with is the Oz, from the new film. Same very loveable smile.
Tags: сериалы_навсегда

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