July 22nd, 2010

in the wind

Kourin - Aishiteru

Hey, just for a little more
Just for a little more, please listen to me
Hey, just for a little more
Can I be selfish just a little more?

Right after receiving, it seems to disappear again
Could you say something to me?

I love you, I love you
Until the end of the world
While smiling foolishly,
try saying it - "I love you"
Even though its such a simple, thing, i can't do it
I wished to the sky to be able to love properly.

Hey, although I want to know,
There are too many things I can't understand.
Thus, with these two bodies that can't become one,
We hugged with all our might.

The world changes just by you being here.
See, the monotone scenery is reflected vividly.
Before I'm aware we are so separated
Let's walk on holding hands
I'll ask that sky if I'm loving properly.

Even if the day we shall separate comes,
If there are days that I can think of you, I guess that's alright.
Someday the meaning behind our separation will arrive
Because we made a promise, lets move on to tomorrow.