June 4th, 2010

in the wind


Ы) теги к одной фотке в очередном сообществе звездаХ_дайли (постят фотку в день).

Tags:?: can he get any cuter?, ?: can he get any hotter, ?: who could resist, ?: why so gorgeous, ?: why so hot, action: standing, being: adorable, being: cute, being: determined, being: sweet, being: too hot to handle, everyone: wants a hot oppa like him, expression: intense, hair: black, hair: short, he is: a sexgod, he is: a sexy beast, he is: fierce, he is: just wow, he is: perfect, he is: yum, love: him, love: his clothes, love: his hair, omfg: awesome hair, omfg: he is highly pretty, omg: brainfail, omg: can i keep him?, omg: he is so handsome, omg: he is so hot, omg: he is so sexy, wearing: a vest, wearing: black

я умер с тегов) ыыыыы) уже люблю это сообщество)