February 22nd, 2010

in the wind

Abingdon Boys School: [AM] Abingdon Road | [S] From Dusk Till Dawn

Так как bestfiction не освещает новости музыки этого жанра, то ночью ко мне пришло страстное желание создать абсолютно не понятно зачем подобный пост с новыми альбом и синглом группы Abingdon Boys School. К тому моменту когда я окончательно осознала, что дурью маюсь - у меня уже полнсотью закачались альбомы на МФ, так что таки выкладываю... но делая фейс-палм от самой себя, да.

It's a third album and an eighth single of japan rock band 'Abingdon Boys School'. I think I missed their sound too much, so I was really happy to listen it again and from my point of view their vocals become much stronger, so I hope you will enjoy those albums as much as I. For this ones who for some reason don't remember this band - they are performing such anime-openings as 'INNOCENT SORROW' in D.Gray-man, 'HOWLING' in Darker Than Black, 'STRENGTH.' in Soul Eater, 'JAP' in Sengoku Basara, 'Kimi no Uta' in Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 and 'From Dusk Till Dawn' in Darker Than Black - Ryuusei no Gemini.
UPD: For this one who wonder what it was the second album: it's 'Teaching Materials' (release date: 2009.10.30) and it's collecting all their previous singles (Innocent Sorrow, Howling, Nephilim, Blade Chord, Strength, JAP, Kimi no Uta).

Abingdon Boys School - Abingdon Road

▪ release date: 2010.01.27
▪ genre: rock

03. and I love...
04. JAP
05. Souen - feat. BASHI, Sakkon, FUNKYMIC from Insist (蒼焔 -SOUEN- feat.BASI,サッコン,FUNKYMIC from 韻シスト)
06. Shiosai (潮騒)
07. From Dusk Till Dawn - INCHI UP -
08. Siren
10. Kimi no Uta (キミノウタ)
11. Sweetest Coma Again
12. Gold Eclipse
13. Valkyrie -Lioleia Mix-
14. nocturne

Download: MF | do you need MU?
126.16 MB @ 320kbps

In this single is only one song and it is in the new album, but I like original version much more INCHI UP in the album, so I share the single too.

Abingdon Boys School - From Dusk Till Dawn

▪ release date: 2009.12.16
▪ genre: rock

01 From Dusk Till Dawn

Download: MF | do you need MU?
10.32 MB @ 320kbps