January 15th, 2010

in the wind

C.N.BLUE - I'm a loner

I'm a loner
Look at me. Look straight into my eyes
Look at that, you're already looking at something else
Check it one. two. three, you only looking at the clock
Even if you don't say it, I know you got someone else
You've been meeting someone else often lately
You don't even call me first anymore
When you're with me, you would only look at the sky even if the day is a second long
I know you mind, the distance that's between you and me
Getting wider and farther. We are no better that strangers.

I'm a loner
I'm a loner being sad at love, shedding tears at love
Sad tonight
My heart hurts
Nobody knows
Ignoring my feelings
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven and night
I'm cheering up myself passing many mights awake.

If you you just told me honestly
that you have someone else, that you hate me
Then I wouldn't have hated you to death
Check it one, two, three. Remembering your words, they are all silly lies.

I'm a loner

Love's going, love's leaving
One person and one love. Everything that I've been used to
I should erase you after tonight
Yes, I should force myself to erase you.
I should do so since you abandoned me.

Gone, my love is gone

I'm a loner
I'm a loner hurt by love and waiting for love
Sad tonight
I want this to be a dream
Nobody knows
Don't know me
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven and night
I'm crying passing many nights awake.

П.С. я думаю, что это начало новой мании) Видать мне нравится смотреть как группы встают на ноги и начинают петь лучше и лучше) А эта группа сегодня дебютировала в Кореи (до этого они выпустили два мини альбома в Японии). Но надо сказать эта песня меня поработила. Я за сегодня её прослушала уже раз 30 наверно точно о_О